Taking a Listen

by YES! Weekly staff

Jimmie’s Chicken Shack Fail On Cue “Some motha lovas don’t know when to quit. I figured it out, I don’t want in. So I just decided to be the man that I’ve always been,” and thank goodness for that. It’s summertime, the prime time for reggae-alternative, mischief-mixed tunes. I know JCS has been around for quite a while, but they haven’t quit, and it sounds like they haven’t changed a riff. For some, this could be a perfect strike for 311/Sublime-ish hot weather nostalgia hits in the July sun. The album has a pretty decent cover of Fugazi’s “Waiting Room” that surprisingly does it justice. Jimmy Haha’s vocals (yes, he really changed his last name to “Haha”), aren’t for everyone. The boys certainly don’t measure up to their older hits like “Do Right” and “High,” but the album keeps a good guitar progression and rhythm balance to hold your amusement. Want to see them live? Here’s the catch: The closest they’re playing to here is in the random Outer Banks town of Kill Devil Hills (yes, it’s a real town) on July 19 at the Brewing Station ( — it’s a drive, but a perfect live summer beach show. Rating: 3 records (out of 5)

Mad Tea Party Found A Reason Who doesn’t like sass? As the senior release for this Asheville bluesy/rockabilly/garage/rock group, I still don’t see a graduation in site. In fact, they have removed a few steps — or members, leaving the band as more of a duo project between Ami Worthen (vocals, ukulele, guitar) and Jason Krekel (vocals, juke, fiddle, percussion). It’s agreeable though; I can’t imagine them not being able to pull off their usual brand of mountain pop. Found A Reason was released in late June on Nine Mile Records, and shows North Carolinaa jazz-and-jive side to music that we don’t get to experience enough of here in the Triad. It’s catchy and as they like to classify themselves, “retro-poppin’!” This is an album that doesn’t need close-examination; it’s messy, yet placed “just-so,” an album to let wash over you and enjoy the dozen Southern-mod mix of folk. So, what are you doing Saturday night? Come see Mad Tea Party’s first show since their album release installment shows: Winston-Salem at the Heavy Rebel Weekender ( Rating: 3.5 records (out of 5)