Taking a listen

by Heather MacIntyre

Natalie Cole — Still Unforgettable

So DMI finally decided to attempt to release something they thought could top (or if they were lucky, measure up to) Natalie Cole’s release Unforgettable. What makes more sense in explaining that she continues to write and release the same talent by naming the album Still Unforgettable? Corny, I agree… but the album is worth the cornball charm. In her late 50s, she still has that passion that thrives in her vocal chords. Though it still doesn’t touch her previous release, Cole will always continue to have fun with her musical career and follow the path of her father (Nat King Cole, maybe you’ve heard of him). My favorite tracks on this album are “Walkin’ My Baby Back Home” (a duet with her father, whom originally recorded it when he was 32), and “Coffee Time.” It’s refreshing to experience firsthand today, in 2008, the sound of ’50s jazz and blues assembled in an era of exhausting trends. This album is for fans of Billie Holiday, or the artist’s father, and meant to be listened to on a relaxing autumn walk. If you really want to see her live and don’t mind driving a little: Oct. 12 and 15 she’ll be in Virginia, so check out her tour dates. Rating: 3 Records (out of 5)

TV on the Radio — Dear Science

Speaking of attempts to follow up on hit albums, TV on the Radio is doing the same. Cookie Mountain did so well, and I know you remember this Interscope group from these hits last year. They’ve been together since 2001, and it looks like they’ve finally hit the arrow on the target with this release. It’s by far their best yet, and one of the best releases this season that will be catching on by the days, just wait. The album is insanely catchy with music and lyrics (some a little risqué perhaps, but hot). Take some indie rock, add more synth, some sing-a-long, hand clapping and feet stomping numbers, and you have this album… there has to be a catch for the catchy, right? Oddly enough, the lyrics and overall themes are a little dark and dreary, but when you have the right pop and tone, who cares! Overall, the album is very audience-focused; a release that is fun to enjoy because you can tell while listening, just how much they enjoyed making it. Check out some of their online movies at Again, unfortunately NC didn’t make it on their tour plans yet, but Knoxville isn’t too far to see this spectacular live performance, right? Oct. 26 at Bijou Theatre ( Rating: 4.0 Records (out of 5)

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