Taking a listen

by Ryan Snyder

Doug Davis — Penny Brown Penny Doug Davis ( is no stranger to putting out albums. As a veteran producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he’s worked with artists like Chris Daughtry on the production side and has spent plenty of time in working bands. It wasn’t until just recently that he decided to mint his own sound and what we have as a result is Penny Brown Penny, an 11-song work predominantly echoing the themes of love gone astray. The end result is sometimes swinging, often melancholy folk-rock fare with serious blues underpinnings. You can’t help but think of early Black Crowes after hearing the bluesrock opener “Long Time Coming,” but it’s not long before Penny takes on a more soulfully melodic approach with adagio tearjerkers “Something’s Happened” and “All Too Good.” Davis shows several distinct faces throughout the album, the most interesting of which is his march through Tom Waits’ Bone Machine-era harmony and pacing on “Lovers Will Allow.”

In grand Doug Davis fashion, he not only produced the work himself, but also played no less than nine instruments through the entire album. Of course, he utilizes a full cast of supporting musicians, but it’s interesting to reference the liner notes and pinpoint where he noticeably stands out among the others. It’s not an entirely groundbreaking work to any extent, but Penny Brown Penny does have plenty to offer those in search of a soundtrack to prepare for whatever mood that may strike.

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