Talk to the cane!

by Amy Kingsley

The attempted mugging of a senior citizen shortly before noon on Monday failed after the intended victim fenced off his shotgun-wielding attacker with a cane, according to a Greensboro Police Department press release.

According to the press release, the victim, 83-year-old Robert Flynn, was walking in the vicinity of 3307 N. O’Henry Blvd. when a dark-colored car approached. A man inside the car asked for a cigarette, at which point Flynn said he did not have one. The attacker then exited the vehicle, pointed a shotgun at Flynn and demanded his money.

Flynn struck the shotgun with his cane and ran around the vehicle. The attacker again approached Flynn with the shotgun, prompting the victim to batter him about the head and shoulders with his cane. The suspect retreated to his car empty handed and fled south on O’Henry Boulevard.

-Amy Kingsley