Taylor Swift is a young women on the move

by Charles Womack

The19-year-old singer/songwriter is enjoying top singles in both thecountry and pop radio charts and in 2008 sold more albums than anyother recording artist in any genre of music.

Swift, who is bringingher sold-out Fearless 2009 Tour to the Greensboro Coliseum Friday,recently spoke with YES! Weekly about her career. “Things arejust so crazy and I am trying to enjoy every bit of it,” said swift.“This year has been amazing!” In the past she has toured with RascalFlatts, kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw &

Faith Hill, Brad Paisley and George straight. “Thisis my first time headlining,” said swift, “and it’s also really cool tobe traveling and playing with my good friend kellie Pickler. kellie issuper fun and we have such a blast together.” Fearless wasvoted 2009’s Album of the Year by the Academy of Country Music, andreached double-platinum in just four weeks. Fearless was the year’sbiggest debut for any female artist, and the fourth-highest debut of2008. Now triple-platinum, Fearless has spent more weeks in the No. 1position atop Billboard’s Top 200 all-genre CD sales charts than anyother album this year.

Swift,whose career record sales now top 7 million, currently holds theBillboard all-genre record for most Top 20 debut in the calendar year.earlier this year, swift sold out a show at Madison square Garden inone minute, and one at los Angeles’ staples center in just two minutes. In discussing her new release Fearless, swift says, “It’s a bigdeal to title your album, so I wanted to make sure that it was theright call. I started thinking about the word ‘fearless’ and what itmeans to me. It isn’t that you’re completely unafraid. I think fearlessis having fears, but jumping anyway.”