Tea Parties about much more than taxes

by Charles Womack

The tea parties in Greensboro and throughout the rest of the country are a sign that many Americans are angry and frustrated with the direction our country is moving in and worried about the staggering bills this administration is running up on the people’s credit card. The first swipe Obama took on our behalf was the $410 billion Omnibus bill to fund the government, put together by the Bush administration. Even though Obama admitted it was “not a perfect bill” and this bill was riddled with the same controversial earmarks he promised to eliminate during his campaign, he signed the bill. And it is hard to understand why a president who campaigned on transparent government, who promised he would post bills on the internet and allow five days of public comment before he signed, would kick off his administration’s spending spree with a $787 billion stimulus bill, and not allow “We the people” or the majority of congress, ample time to read it. Swipe two. The Dems would love to continue to point blame at George Bush for the next three years and eight months and distract our attention from the mounting problems of the current administration.

Record unemployment, record foreclosures and the fear that Obama would actually keep a campaign promise — like skyrocketing electricity rates for all Americans under his cap and trade system — are just a few. Sprinkle in his mistake-filled vetting system for appointments. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, the man in charge of running Obama’s economic team, messed up his own taxes using Turbo Tax and had to go back and file amended tax returns for 2001 and 2002 after being nominated. You can see why some might be concerned about this man. But the left says we’re just mad because Obama is raising taxes. “No!” I say. This is far more than taxes being raised. This is about reckless waste and careless spending and an allout war on our wallets and our small businesses. Did Bush spend money and move us into higher debt? Yes. Did we have some things like 9-11, Katrina and a few wars? Yes. But if you are looking for the Grand Poobah of Spending… Obama is proudly wearing the crown. Obama has already helped quadruple the deficit with his stimulus package and has spent more money in three months than every president combined since George Washington. So if Bush stepped on our toes, Obama has driven over us with a freight train. British Member of European Parliament Daniel Hannan, said, “You can’t spend your way out of recession or borrow your way out of debt,” and it makes sense. But Obama is determined to keep increasing our debt and somehow he promises that he will only raise taxes on the people that are already paying 60 percent of all federal income tax. Many of these people, the 5 percent of Americans that pays 60 percent of the bills already, feel their hard work is being punished and believe that more taxes will force them to make more cutbacks in staffing, supplies and purchasing in an already-struggling economy. One women at the Greensboro Tea Party was carrying her infant daughter and holding a sign saying “Get your hand out of my piggy bank.” Another sign read, “Don’t spread my wealth… spread my work ethic!”. Obama has promised to “spread the wealth” by providing tax cuts or rebates to 95 percent of Americans in the recovery package. The latest on the “cuts” is that for next two years, individuals will receive almost $7.70 a week more on their paychecks; couples will get twice that. Congress may have agreed to only approve this for two years as they shared the same concerns many of the tea party attendees about the day the bills for these massive spending sprees are due. To me it appears that 95 percent of America is either being bribed with less than $8 a week to look the other way, or they don’t care that this administration robs our children’s and grandchildren’s piggy banks and empties America’s coffers. When Obama’s advisor David Axelrod called the tea parties across this great country “unhealthy,” is was not a shock. Supporters of this administration systematically rip down and label anyone who doesn’t agree with their agenda as racist or un-American. What really is the case is that something is brewing in this country that is “unhealthy” for the Obama Socialist agenda. There were some 3,000 sites for tea parties across the country, and what the elite media missed was understating the size of the crowds and the number of places they occurred. This is not just about taxes. The notion that this administration is planning to run up $9 trillion in debt has angered a lot of Americans. The thought that government is going to take over that much of our lives and that bureaucrats are going to dictate that many more things to us is unacceptable. You see people that are in a struggle for the future of America. It’s about far, far more than taxes. Tea parties are a symbol of the fight that colonists had in 1773. The question is, what will happen now? Mark you calendar for July 4!