Teen charged with 50 counts of secret peeping at local school

by Ben Holder


Guilford County School Crime Coverage ContinuesYES! Weekly requested all 911 calls and all calls requesting police service to local schools from the City of Greensboro last week. Once YES! Weekly received the information, we decided to put it up so everyone could see. One of the interesting things in the reports was Grimsley High School had the highest number of calls requesting police service out of all the High Schools in Greensboro.Yesterday, Nora Murray, who is in media relations for Guilford County Schools, sent a response. Murray compared a 911 call log and requests for police service to listening to “scanner traffic.” Clearly, it’s not. YES! Weekly took several specific addresses and asked for times when that location has requested police service from August 2014 until last week. Grimsley had 245 calls. Murray wrote in her response that, “A call does not necessarily mean a crime actually happened. I would caution using this report as a reference for the same reason most news outlets do not report scanner traffic – it is unconfirmed/uninvestigated information. You’ll note on the left hand column, some calls have report numbers and others don’t. Only incidents that have report numbers were substantiated or justified further investigation.”If you go look at the documents you will see plenty of numbers on the left hand side next to things like narcotics, larceny, assault, rape, overdose, fights and armed subject taking place during school hours. I have asked for the number of people arrested at the schools and have not received the information from the police department as of yet. However, we do know that a Sergey Myasnikov was arrested around 11am on May 20 for 50 counts of “Secretly Peeping Into Room Occupied By Female.” Myasnikov’s address in the incident report show he lives in Winston Salem.Myasnikov, who is 18, is listed as a student at Grimsley High School in the incident report. He is scheduled to appear in court on June 30. This story continues to develop.

Massage Parlor Set to Appear Before Board of Adjustments to Appeal Business License RevocationGreensboro may lose another business after Monday’s Board of Adjustment hearing. May Spa, which is located at 2511 Battleground Ave., has been found to be in violation of North Carolina massage laws. In order to give a massage, one must be certified by the state of North Carolina. Greensboro requires all massage businesses to provide the certification and names of all masseuses employed. On more than one occasion, May Spa has allowed unlicensed workers to give massages. May Spa isn’t going to quietly walk away though. They have hired Attorney Ben Klein to fight their revocation. Klein will have a very tough job explaining this away and justifying why May Spa should retain their privilege license. May Spa’s owner is on record twice saying he understands the law and will not allow unlicensed workers to provide massages any longer.