Ten Best: Drink Specials

by Amy Kingsley

The Press Wine Café

301 Martin Luther King Boulevard, 336.333.3190Tuesday $10 bottles

Every so often we like to use this little space to get a bit servicey. And what’s more servicey than telling our readers about the best drink specials in town? Well, for starters, letting them know they should make a standing Tuesday cab reservation for the ride home. Tuesdays are a bonanza for Greensboro’s down-at-the-heels drinking set, and there is no better place to start a mid-week bender than the Press, a cozy wine joint a stone’s throw from downtown. Pair $10 whites and reds with the appropriate cheese plate, pizza, Panini or salad – the eats are as reasonable as the vino.

The Green Bean

341 S. Elm St., 336.691.9990Half-price imports on Thursdays

Downtown’s favorite coffee shop has an atmosphere that’s more art gallery than saloon, with it’s rotating collection and bright, clean lighting. But the Green Bean has been quietly offering one of the best beer specials in town for several years now. On Thursday you can start your day with a half-price latte and end it with a similarly discounted domestic microbrew or import. That comes to $1.50 a beer, folks. And please, for the sake of the laptoppers, confine your beer-fueled rowdiness to the back patio.

Café Europa

200 N. Davie St., 336.389.1010Wine Wednesdays

Café Europa is Greensboro’s original wine bar, and we have to admit that even after all these years, we’re a little gaga over its musky, high-Soviet décor. On Wednesdays they cut the wine prices in half, and the gambit has resulted in one of the most successful drink specials going. That means on that night, in addition to hearing the babble of a handful of Western European tongues, you’ll also overhear plenty of native douchebag-ese. Drinking more will help you tune this out.

Two Art Chicks

609 S. Elm St., 336.273.9885$1 Pabst Blue Ribbons on rock show nights

Since they started hosting music and dance events last fall, Two Art Chicks has consistently undercut the local competition for booze prices. So reach behind your couch cushions on the way out the door and you’ll probably find enough to purchase at least a couple of cheap domestics. The schedule on this is a little unpredictable, but director Melodi Fentress has booked several shows in the next few months for your listening and drinking pleasure.

Logan’s Roadhouse

1300 Bridford Parkway, 336.292.4950Tuesday and Wednesday $1.25 drafts

The central business district does not have the corner on Greensboro drinking specials. If themed chain restaurants that cater to the carnivore are more your speed, follow Wendover Avenue to its sprawly apotheosis at Bridford Parkway on Tuesday and Wednesdays for $1.25 drafts. Four beers plus tip would still come in well under $10, which is a deal if I’ve ever sipped one.

GW Walker’s

2116 Walker Ave., 336.275.2694Sunday Bloody Mary special $3

It’s a kind, nay, almost saintly thing for bars like Walker’s to offer discounts on the hair of the dog on a Sunday afternoon. The Whiskey District is usually a little sleepy on the Sabbath, making it the perfect place to commiserate on the night before with a similarly afflicted stranger. And three dollars is less than you’d spend on a greasy brunch to soak up all the excess alcohol coursing through your limbic system.

Westerwood Tavern

508 Guilford Ave., 336.274.4410Bring your own container Wednesdays

That’s right. Bring on your pickle jars, fish bowls, milk jugs, flower vases, whatever. As long as it is 32 ounces or less, the bartenders at Westerwood Tavern will fill it with beer for a buck on Wednesday nights. Think of it as conservation – the more you reuse massive containers lugged from home, the fewer bottles and cans end up in landfills.


125 Summit Ave., 336.378.0198

Four-dollar martinis on TuesdaysSolaris mixes up a nice martini – that concoction of gin (or vodka) and vermouth that goes down so easily on a warm summer night – and on Tuesdays they’ll sell you one, or any of its flavored cousins, for a dollar off. They also have nice couches, a well-dressed clientele and a patio proximate to both the Historical Museum and Greensboro Inn that’s excellent for people watching.

College Hill Sundries

900 Spring Garden St., 336.370.1372Dollar domestics Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Every taproom in town has at least one drink special, and most have as many as five – one for each day of the working week. We like College Hill, and we enjoy drinking beer when we go there, in spite of the fact that the owners recently fancied up the menu with offerings of clear and brown liquors. Remember, the midweek drinks at College Hill may be cheap, but the ambience is absolutely free.

Christopher’s New Global Cuisine

712 Brookstown Ave., Winston-Salem, 336.724.1395

Father’s Day beer and wine tastingThis is our nod to both the Camel City and the fathers we are honoring this weekend. On Friday Christopher’s New Global Cuisine will be hosting a beer and wine tasting that’s free for fathers and five dollars for everyone else. The press release promises a few surprises, live music and delicious libations.