Ten Best: Things about our new neighborhood

by Brian Clarey

Avenue of the Arts

By the time this issue sees the street, things should be up and running at our new Winston-Salem bureau located on the 600 block of Trade Street. We’ve laid down the paint, brought in the Joust machine and dropped in a fridge, and we’ve started cruising the sidewalks of our new neighborhood, checking out the scene. And what’s most striking to us is all the art: galleries, studios, funky window signs and posters, murals painted on weathered brick and ancient, fading business logos on building façades which, we feel, gives the corner some street cred. Also, we love the cutout of the naked woman in the window of our new neighbor, Studios @ 625, the one with the star-shaped pasties and the “Bombs Away!” tattoo on her butt.

The Silver Moon Saloon

I’ve been going to the Silver Moon since it opened back when I worked the bar beat for Triad Style, and right off I knew it was a winner. It reminded me of the more charming French Quarter bars I once frequented, with eccentric artwork, appropriate lighting, impeccable taste in music and plenty if iced PBRs. To the Silver Moon I offer a toast: Here’s to hoping that working across the street from one of my favorite bars doesn’t affect my job.

The Garage

Another W-S institution, the Garage, lives just around the corner from our new digs. And if I sneak out the back door and hop a fence, I can be there in two shakes. The Garage also has much of what I’m looking for in a barroom: great live music, speedy bartenders and a couch in case the room starts to spin.

Young’s Vintage

A confession: I don’t buy other people’s stuff so much anymore. But that may change now that I’ll be working just half a block from an authentic downtown boho vintage furniture store. It’s possible, in the next few months, that I will go on a vintage picture frame buying binge or start collecting antique fireplace tools. Don’t ask why.

Finnigan’s Wake

From our sliding front windows we can discern the frontage of Finnigan’s Wake in between the branches of a sidewalk tree that will soon go bare. Our collective opinion of Ersin cuisine is mixed – we like shepherd’s pie just fine but some of us can’t get over the corned beef hump. However, if you consider that whiskey and Guinness are also examples of Irish fare, then we are all on board.

6th & Vine

We are also fans of the vintner’s art, and our Winston-Salem bureau is already anticipating how we’ll keep up our end of the deal when we get settled in. This joint looks to be our kind of place – classy and with a great store of bottles. Also we’re looking forward to hearing the sounds of their live music series as it wafts down the thoroughfare.

Bubbling Well Tea & Tonic Bar

It’s not all about the booze – sometimes we get a hankering for something a bit more… salubrious. So when we’re not mainlining coffee or sneaking belts, we’ll likely be dropping by the Bubbling Well, an appendage of the Golden Flower Tai Chi Center. It’s got teas and tonics, as the name implies, which really come in handy during the upcoming cold and flu season when our immune systems tend to wane.

Frenchie La’Vern’s Costumes

We don’t have the full story on Frenchie and her (his?) costume shop, but neighborhood scuttlebutt tells us that the business comes mostly from theatrical productions, hence the Shakespearian garb in the windows of the tiny storefront. At the very least, now we know where to find a puffy shirt.

The B String

We’re not all musicians here at YES! Weekly, but we can all appreciate the cachet of having a working guitar store in the neighborhood where, if you’ve a mind, you can stop in and lay down a few licks (we do not yet know if the “No “Stairway'” rule is in effect here). Also, the guys who work and hang out here seem a pretty cool lot, so it looks to be a good place to avoid actual work. Sorry… that should read, “to await the muse.”

Elliott’s Revue

What is it about this bar that we love? Good music, for sure, and a friendly staff to boot. It’s roomier than the Silver Moon, quieter that the Garage and a bit more gritty than Finnigan’s. We also like the location, as we can see it from the preferred parking spaces beside our front door. It’s safe to say we’ll be checking in from time to time as we get acclimated to our new offices. Hope to see you there.