Ten Best!

by Chris Lowrance

It’s slick

You might have noticed the house ads running for a while, but now it’s for real: has a brand new look. It’s 2.0, if you will. The first thing you’ll notice is the pure bling-factor — this is a handsome, handsome upgrade. Stories will be formatted better, and we can have more photos at higher quality. Say it with me: Shiny!

It’s easy As pretty as the upgrade is, our website didn’t just dash off to Brazil to get a nose job — we laid it open and got intensive. Hopefully you’ll find it easier to navigate, with clearly organized sections and a lot of content presented up-front, including our Main Features slide show.

It’s interactive now encourages reader participation to a ridiculous degree. Article commenting? We’ve got it, but that’s kid’s stuff. How about article rating? Let us know if this thinly-veiled chest thump deserves one star or five. In fact, you should create an account first and sign in; that way, you can upload an image and tell us (and the world) a little about yourself. Or host a blog (!) and upload photos. When we say interactive, we mean interactive.

It’s band friendly Our music-oriented users get a special treat: Under “Tunes,” check out “Band Blogs.” There you can create a band profile, keep us and the world updated via a billboard and band blog. You can even upload mp3s.

The Events Calendar Looking for something to do? Check out our events calendar, at the bottom of the home page. Got an event coming up? Enter it in for us. It will go online and in our next print edition, plus people will actually show up. Drop the stapler, recycle that stack of flyers and log in.

The Restaurant Guide A staple of our print edition for a while now, the Restaurant Guide is now online (look under “Chow”), expanded and — you guessed it — interactive. Looking for chow on the cheap? Want a specific nation of origin? You can browse by price, type, features and even rate places you’ve already been to.

Movie times In the same vein, you can also look up Triad theaters and check show times. Wouldn’t want to miss the trailers before your fifth viewing of The Dark Knight, would you?

The Npaper Okay, here’s the A-bomb of our new site. The Npaper is a step beyond the tradition site — it’s a digital version of the entire print edition. Flip through the entire paper, zoom in to see ads and photos, and click on articles to read them with embedded links and video. We were blown away when we saw it, and we think you will be too.

Hammering out the kinks Don’t try to deny it — you love it when we screw up. You think we’re part of “The Media,” and everyone wants “The Media” to trip up now and again. Here’s the perfect chance to get a laugh in as we fumble against the ropes of a new website loaded with high-tech features. Enjoy our first few stumbles before we break out into a full run.

It’s expanding It doesn’t end here, folks. Our new site’s No. 1 feature is expansion. There isn’t much we can’t do, and we’ve got a lot planned, so stay tuned. Or is it browsed? Logged on?