Ten best things you missed last week

by Eric Ginsburg

Our city council endorsements

It’s election season (go vote on Nov. 5!), and we ran a full election guide for the city council races in Winston-Salem and Greensboro last week. Better yet, we printed our endorsements. Find them on our website (under the “cover” and “editorial” tabs) at Possibly the biggest call we made: We endorsed Councilwoman Nancy Vaughan for mayor in Greensboro.

Lexington BBQ Festival

For three decades, Lexington has done the rest of the state (really, the world) a favor by showcasing its barbecue at an annual festival. Even though it went onto my calendar more than a month ago, I’m one of you sad suckers that didn’t make it down for the 30 th event last weekend. I blame my failure on having too many vegan and vegetarian friends. Any good people out there want to gorge on some pulled pork and drown our sorrows?

Participatory budgeting

With a Greensboro City Council committee on participatory budgeting underway (including a meeting on Oct. 21), activists held the first, small-scale budgeting process. At a “participatory budgeting party” last weekend, participants paid a cover for a dinner, listened to project presentations and then voted on their favorite. The winning project received the door money in a downsized example of what some folks hope Greensboro will do with a portion of its city budget.

Triad Stage in Winston-Salem

The downtown Greensboro staple announced last week that it is expanding programming into Winston- Salem after 13 years in the Gate City. The growth will include three new productions in the Hanesbrands Theatre. Lenise Willis brought us the full scoop in last week’s paper, and you can find her article on our website.

World Series

I made the mistake of walking into one of the neighborhood bars I frequent, Fisher’s, recently. Nobody said anything, but as I saddled up to the bar sporting the Red Sox hat I wear daily, I could sense my presence wasn’t welcomed. Fisher’s is a Detroit Tigers bar, and the two teams were squaring off on a half dozen televisions overhead. I ditched and headed to Stumble Stilskins, safe territory, to watch the Sox pull out a win. Last week the World Series started with a bang, and I’m hoping my home team will win it all.

UNCG master plan

The Spartans held two forums last week to present the current campus master plan, and met opposition around a planned $91 million recreation center in the Glenwood neighborhood. The funniest revelation from the forum: UNCG is planning to allocate space for community organizations to hold meetings, but it will be in a new campus police station on Lee Street! Seriously?! I wish I could see the faces of local activists when they read this.

Renaissance Co-op birthday

The folks behind the effort to put a cooperatively owned grocery store into the Renaissance Shopping Center had plenty to celebrate last week. In addition to throwing its first birthday bash, proponents of the co-op could rejoice that the Greensboro City Council appears to be moving forward to strike a new deal on the shopping center in northeast Greensboro. The initially approved investors, represented by Skip Alston, are out, a move that likely pleased most co-op supporters given a contentious relationship between the two camps.

Krankies Halloween bash

Hailed by friends who are in the know as the best Halloween party in the Triad, Krankies held its 13 th annual Halloween rager last weekend, complete with costumes and cover bands. You also missed a Halloween house show in Greensboro, but fear not — there is a Halloween dance party at Sticks & Stones this Friday.

Gloria Steinem

Legendary feminist and author Gloria Steinem stopped in Greensboro last week as the keynote speaker for the annual Women to Women event in Greensboro. The event, a luncheon gala, honored Margaret Arbuckle, an education champion whose name is probably (or should be) already familiar to most readers. Both these women’s names speak for themselves, so I’ll leave it at that.

WAM masquerade party

The Weatherspoon Art Museum’s annual shindig, a masquerade dance party in the lobby, is one of the big Greensboro events of the season. Let’s hope you have a good excuse for where you were last Friday night (though I don’t expect you to take it to the extremes of the Katie Perry song). Whether you made it to WAM or not, we want to know what your night out looked like: Tag your party pictures #yesweeklypics to show up in our weekly photo album.