Tera Williams

by Brian Clarey

Getting close to Tera Williams, FOX8’s flaxen-haired stunner, can be a bit disconcerting. For one, she’s even better looking in person, as hard as that is to believe. For another she’s tall, almost six feet in her sensible heels. And she has the longest pair of eyelashes we’ve ever seen. Tera came to town back in December, around the same time a group of unruly party crashers started putting together the first issue of YES! Weekly. And we thought we were looking good’…. As a journalist Tera likes to get her hands dirty and she says she’s generally the first to hop in the news van when there’s a story breaking on the street. Some things you might not have known about Ms. Williams: she was once Miss DeLand High School (‘“But I swear I’m not a pageant chick,’” she says); she’s been playing golf since she was 9 years old and can still shoot in the low 90s; she can also kick your ass ‘— she’s a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and we’re not talking the freebie Elvis kind of black belt, either. ‘“I used to spar competitively in high school,’” she says, generally squaring off against men because of the lack of female competition. ‘“Nobody could beat me,’” she says. ‘“They couldn’t get past my legs.’” Gulp.