Colin Cutler-SMall Batch Curator

“When I moved down here from Virginia a year ago, I found a vibrant and supportive community of songwriters and people dedicated to quality original music. Lots of people and venues are active in connecting those artists and their audience, and they took me in even as a newcomer to Greensboro. I got to meet and work with some fantastic musicians while haunting open mics, and thought more people needed an opportunity to hear them. I started a monthly concert series over at Tate Street Coffee, which was a lot of fun–but when I got the chance to move it to my favorite downtown spot, I jumped on it. One of the things I love about Greensboro is that it’s very much a make-your-own-fun kind of place, and there are people here who put a lot of hard work and craft in the fun they make. The musicians you’ll see at Gibb’s range from contemplative and intricately lyrical to hard-hitting story tellers. The songs talk about everything from love and joy to death and sorrow, but they have one thing in common–their lyrics are honest and crafted carefully from the materials of life.”

Colin Cutler is a graduate student in English at UNC-Greensboro and a contributor to YES! Weekly. He recently began a Sunday night concert series at Gibbs Hundred Brewing on Lewis Street.