The 2008 Greensboro Fringe Festival


The fringe, to borrow a time-honored phrase, is like pornography: It’s difficult to define, but you know it when you see it. Fringe is what makes Daisy Dukes and Daniel Boone jackets cool, the artful touch that connotates the weathered, temporal edge. It’s far from the mainstream, by definition, but of the same cloth. It’s off the beaten path, in the back room, behind the closed door. It’s both hard to come by and all around you.

In 2008, the Greensboro Fringe Festival brings out the best-kept secrets of the arts community – dance, theater, burlesque – and pulls them to center stage, if only for 10 days, to reveal themselves for the blink of an eye before they withdraw to their respective chambers.

Here you’ll see dance choreographed by burgeoning talents and veterans who’ve made their artistic lives out there on the outskirts; plays that will get their first taste of light on the City Arts Studio Theater stage, classic forms cast in new configurations.

Things are different out on the fringe… the wind blows a little stronger and the footing is a bit more precarious. And you’re sure to see something you didn’t expect.