The Fab Four at the Stevens Center, and Yearling plays the Werehouse

by Heather MacIntyre

Friday night at the North Carolina School of the Arts’ Stevens Center (405 W. 4th St., Winston-Salem) everyone will be gathering of one of the most famous Beatles tribute bands from southern California, the Fab Four ( They’ve grown to be so popular with their particular and perfected renditions that they have reached the UK priority of concerts to headline a show in Liverpool, and they have their own bi-monthly newsletter! If you enjoy the Beatles, understand this is one of your few chances of experiencing them – well, something close to them – live again. Relive all the classic hits at this special event on Friday. The show begins at 7:30 p.m. For tickets, visit


Saturday night sounds a little socially confused, or if you have a very diverse taste in music and an interest in seeing it all in one night, smart. The Werehouse ( is hosts a show with Winston-Salem pop-rockers Yearling (, who, as of May 8, are supporting their new release, The View From Here. They will be heading to Japan in July to tour for a week. In addition, Delorean, Life Like This (, My Epic (, and… Deathblow? That’s right. The Triad’s favorite hardcore/metal band on Tragic Hero Records ( will be performing on the bill with an otherwise rather pop-rock show (RIYL: Hatebreed, Earth Crisis). I think this is a great opportunity to experience different North Carolina sounds in one night.


On May 25 the Local 506 ( in Chapel Hill hosts a concert for Charlotte’s classic-meets-modern rock and roll group the Sammies ( They’ve been on a steady uphill climb since their 2006 release on MoRisen Records. Their new album came out in April, and you’ll be able to experience it live (and pick up a copy yourself at the merch booth). T he show starts at 9 pm with hometown buddies and label mates, the Houstons ( Their music is a lot softer, more indie and more relaxed. The show is only six bucks and the following night both bands are playing in Wilmington at the Soapbox – just in case you can’t go out on the night of the Sabbath. Then, let’s bring the show together with a little bit of up-tempo beats and rock with Decemberist-like vocals (if you squint hard). The Hugenots ( from Chapel Hill won’t have to travel far to perform. Though they aren’t ahead in the fame name game, they could arguably be the best part of the show on Sunday night. Ouch, did I say that?