The Lager Haus has food fit for a chef

by Lee Adams

A perfect walking distance from UNCG, my wife and I decide to try out the new Lager Haus on Tate Street. Okay, we’re lazy and we drive this time, but still it turns out to be a great eating joint for those looking for a heartier meal than those normally found around the college area. And for people who like a good burger, they’ve got the only one on Tate Street.

We split the Frontiersman, a smoked chicken sandwich with bacon, provolone cheese lettuce and tomato with a ‘worschestesomayo’ sauce (as they call it) on a Kaiser roll. It comes with a side of pasta salad. We also order a lager marinated beef kabob that’s been marinated in beer, spices and garlic and has a side on tangy, sweet dipping sauce and a large piece of pineapple.

It’s one of the best lunches we’ve had in awhile ‘— our simple favorites like steak and chicken but with new twists. The pineapple finishes off the meal just right, though I wondered how it might go with the kabobs at first. We’re washing it down with Pepsi and sweet tea, no beer for us. Besides, we’re on lunch break anyway. We quickly learn, however, that the Lager Haus is not just for the beer connoisseur.

‘“We’re not only looking for the bar crowd but also those wanting a good dinner,’” kitchen manager Wayne Stone tells me. Owner Todd Jones has geared the menu toward an upscale stripe of pub food with specials like the beer and honey-garlic glazed salmon and meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Beer is used in many of the recipes and flavors the food very nicely, giving it a deeper, more mature flavor. There are beer-battered mushrooms; the beef kabobs, chicken nibblers, skirt steak’…even the fries are cooked with beer. They also serve a mean bratwurst that goes nicely with a stout.

And if you are a beer connoisseur, then here’s the part you’ve been waiting for. The Lager Haus serves nine draft beers and over 30 bottled varieties, and bartender Daniel Petit is busy making new and rare selections like Canadian, British and Belgian Trappist varieties.

The two-week-old Lager Haus will also have a full service bar by the end of the month. Televisions will be added along the walls and nightly live music will enrich the atmosphere. The pub is open musically to anything from rock and roll to polka and they are already booking a UNCG tuba band for some time in October.

The Lager Haus also offer foosball and darts for those looking for a hangout and are open to students looking for a quiet place to study during the day. There is a good mix of older adults and young students alike at the restaurant.

Later in the evening my wife and I return for a basket of Beer Bobbers: beer battered mushrooms served with that same tangy red sauce we earlier had with the kabobs. They’re delicious, and a perfect way to end a rainy Friday.

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