The Mane Event: Tyler Mane embarks on Compound Fracture 70-city tour

by Mark Burger

Tyler Mane’s on the move, and he’s coming soon to a city near you. Greensboro, in fact, on March 28 at the Carolina Theatre.

And he won’t be alone.

The former prowrestling champion-turned-bigscreen cult icon has completed his latest film, Compound Fracture, a chilling tale of obsession and the supernatural. The film marks the maiden production from the self-explanatory Mane Entertainment, as well as Mane’s debut as producer and screenwriter, having co-written the script with wife Renae Geerlings.

“I’m very pleased with how it turned out,” Mane says. “We called in friends. We called in favors. Everybody’s gotten behind it. It’s an indie film that we’re very, very proud of.”

The Compound Fracture Tour opened last week in Mane’s native Saskatchewan, Canada. “I hope it’s warmer in North Carolina than it is here,” he says with a mock shiver. “The snow’s up to the windows here.”

Despite having grown up in Sakastoon, “I’ve become a sissy,” he jokes. “Now I love palm trees!” Having conquered the wrestling arena, Mane’s height (he stands 6-foot-9) and athletic build made him an obvious choice to play such menacing, larger-than-life characters as Sabretooth (in Bryan Singer’s X-Men) and Michael Myers (in Rob Zombie’s remakes of Halloween and Halloween II), both of which he enjoyed, but “I wanted to take on roles that stretch a little more,” he admits.

In Compound Fracture, he extends the courtesy to co-stars Derek Mears (Friday the 13th) and Muse Watson (I Know What You Did Last Summer), both of whom have also made their marks playing big-screen boogeyman. “It’s nice for all of us to play something a little more down to earth.”

That’s not to say that Compound Fracture isn’t without its action and scares. In the film, Mane’s Michael Wolffsen is trying to rebuild his life when he is reunited with his estranged and seemingly deranged father (Watson). Not only is the family haunted by tragedies of the past, but by evil spirits in their midst. The cast also includes Geerlings, Leslie Easterbrook (who appeared with Mane in The Devil’s Rejects and Halloween), Daniel Roebuck (also in Devil’s Rejects), and Alex Saxon.

“I’m really looking forward to the audience reaction,” says Mane. “I hope we’re received with great excitement.”

VIP ticket-holders will enjoy an exclusive pre-screening “meet-and-greet” with Mane and members of the cast and crew, a photo opportunity, a post-screening Q&A, and will be automatically entered in a raffle to win prizes including props, costumes and production collectibles from Compound Fracture, as well as an authentic Michael Myers jumpsuit worn by Mane in Halloween. “The bloodstains are all over it,” he boasts. “I couldn’t believe just how much, but then I thought: ‘Of course — Rob Zombie.’” One grand-prize winner will be awarded a walk-on role in Mane’s next project, Penance Lane, “where I kill you in the film,” he promises.

According to Mane, the tour was a way “to say hello and meet and greet the fans — who have been very good to me over the years — to thank them and give them the red-carpet treatment, to just have a good time together and….”

Feel the love? “There you go,” he laughs. “That’s it exactly: Feel the love!” With seven projects in the Mane Enter tainment pipeline, Mane says he’s excited about what the future holds, and confirms that he wants to give directing a try. He and Geerlings worked closely with Compound Fracture director Anthony J. Rickert- Epstein and developed an excellent, creative relationship. “Some day I would want to do it,” he says. “It is something I want to do.”

For now, however, he’s got the Compound Fracture Tour to attend to, and he’s looking forward to where the journey takes him.

“It’s exciting,” he says, “but I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to do a 70-city tour. My wife says we need to end it in Hawaii!” The Compound Fracture Tour rolls into Greensboro on Thursday, March 28. The pre-show festivities are scheduled to begin at 6 pm, with the screening scheduled for 7:30 pm.

Tickets are $20 (general admission), $30 (includes bonus movie poster), or $40 (VIP). Due to limited seating, advance reservations are suggested. For tickets or more information, call 336.333.2605 or visit the film’s official website: