The Murdered revitalize Atlanta hardcore scene

by Amy Kingsley

The Murdered, a five-piece hardcore band from Atlanta, might be the youngest band appearing at the Tribunal Records showcase. They range in age from 19 to 22, and Flying Anvil booker Andrew Dudek is having a hell of a time sorting out the members who are of drinking age from the young ‘uns.

The Murdered have done pretty well for themselves. Earlier this year, on June 6, they released their album And the Maggots Shall Inherit the Earth on Tribunal Records.

The band formed two years ago from the dissolution of several Atlanta-area metal and hardcore bands, said guitarist Ryan Shea. The band received its members from the groups Shut the Fuck Up and Listen, Style Over Substance and Starsfade.

“We just came up here for this show,” Shea said. “We played one down in Atlanta last night.”

The Murdered play textbook hardcore that borrows metal’s imagery of crushing violence. The scene in Atlanta had long been dominated by metal bigwigs such as Mastodon and Fight Paris, who left a void when they moved out of the local scene and into the national spotlight. Members of the Murdered got together to reinvigorate the city’s depressed hardcore scene.

They came to the attention of Tribunal Records’ Matt Rudzinski when their demo tape was passed into his hands through a mutual friend in the band Farewell, says Murdered singer Corey Bledsoe.

The Aug. 19 Tribunal Records showcase is a big show for the Murdered, who have snagged a high-profile slot playing sixth out of seven bands, right before the headliner KillWhitneyDead. Unfortunately their set goes south early when bass player Barry Henthorn breaks a string. During the sound check they encountered problems with some of the guitar electronics, Bledsoe says.

Unfortunately for the Murdered, they had little time to fix their equipment and had to play through broken gear.

Fortunately for them, the crowd appears unconcerned with the intermittent buzzing. Henthorn strums his bass like a guitar and the rest of the band maintains their energy in the face of long technological odds.

Bledsoe demonstrates surprising range for a hardcore singer. In addition to the standard growl so deep it sounds like it originated somewhere behind the kneecaps, Bledsoe ventures up near the falsetto range of metal vocals. The crowd rewards the Murdered’s perseverance with plenty of hardcore ass-shakin’.

Still, the band leaves the stage disheartened with their performance. Shea grumbles about the great show the night before in Atlanta as he starts to load up his amplifier.

One unlucky performance does not discount their catalyzing position in the Atlanta hardcore scene. They are very much a part of the renaissance of Atlanta metal Bledsoe describes.

“The scene right now is definitely starting to get a little more life into it,” he says. “You’re starting to see a lot more young talent.”

– Amy Kingsley