The Night Bus connects you to bars and keeps the party going

by Whitney Kenerly

The Night Bus coming to Greensboro.

What does the young creative class really want in a city? They want a cool double decker bus to cart them from bar to bar!

At least that’s the idea behind a new endeavor from Director of the North Carolina Entrepreneurship Center at UNCG Justin Streuli, and local social entrepreneur Ryan Saunders. The team is trying to take elements of public transportation that have become the mark of a trendy urban lifestyle in other cities, and bring them to downtown Greensboro.

“This bus is part of my plan to bring big city ideas to our community,” said Saunders. “It is completely common to ride the bus in larger cities but here it is almost a taboo but in reality it makes life a lot easier.”

Saunders’s organization, Create Your City, takes a DIY approach to shaping Greensboro into the kind of place where the hip and the talented want to be. Streuli is excited to bring something new to Greensboro in order to liven things up.

“There is nothing like it in Greensboro, I brought 15 of my friends and they couldn’t wait to get back on the next weekend,” said Streuli. “The biggest misconception that people have when they see bar crawl is that they think they have to get on at 9 pm and stay on all night but the concept is for it to be an easy and fun alternative for transportation rather than a more formal bar crawl.”

The People’s Transit Bar Crawl, commonly known at the Night Bus, is currently trying to find the best route that will maximize the number of nightlife spots served while still keeping a consistent and reliable route.

According to Saunders, the Night Bus is working around four nightlife epicenters:

1. “The Corner” – The intersection of Walker and Elam

2. “Elm Street Station” – Downtown Greensboro

3. “Sonic Stop” – Jake’s on Spring Garden

4. “Battleground Bars” – Battleground and Lawndale area

Riders can pay $20 for a night of unlimited service, or $5 for a one-way trip. The ride not only ends up costing less than a cab, but also provides a fun experience.

“When you’re up on the top [of the double decker bus] it gives you a whole other perspective,” said Saunders. “You feel like you’re in a real city.”

The night bus will run this Saturday from 9pm to 3am.