The Refinery Vaping Company seeks to build business and community in Downtown Greensboro

by Allison Stalberg

On 104 South Davie Street, a once vacant building is now home to “The Refinery Vaping Company.”

Coming in, you’ll be welcomed by sweet scented vapes, clean lounge spaces, a tasting bar, extraordinary customer service and a window into how the products are made in their ISO7 facility. This is the first store in North Carolina to open with both an ISO7 and retail facility.

Ron Peeples, one of the owners of The Refinery Vaping Company is also President of Bad Modder Fogger, which produces handcrafted e-liquids.

“It’s probably one of a select few in the entire United States that gives consumers a look into the manufacturing process of e-liquids,” said Ron. “So that’s what I think makes this place different. Not only that, this building which was established in 1941, had been vacant for many years, maybe longer than a decade.

“When we made a decision that this would be a unique place to build something like this, I would call it divine intervention where we had the opportunity to build or buy the building and then actually build up an ISO7 certified lab and retail spot in one place.”

Ron’s family also works with Bad Modder Fogger and The Refinery Vaping Company. His wife, Terri Peeples is the Vice President of Bad Modder Fogger and his two sons, Austen Peeples and Ross Spencer, work as lab technicians. Austen values the health benefits of their business.

“I love getting people off of cigarettes and informing people that there is a safer alternative,” Austen said. “My dad smoked two packs a day for 20 years. Everyone knows the damage traditional tobacco can do to you, the cancer and harm it causes. So being able to see my dad vape and his health get better, his lifestyle progressively got healthier. That’s what I love about this, educating people. And its new technology so it’s great to see it evolve and grow; and working with the family is fun. It has its ups and downs just like any job. What I really enjoy is that aspect of it and being able to learn the business and see it grow from nothing to something.”

Adam Ray, a cashier with The Refinery Vaping Company loves both the treatment and character of the business.

“The atmosphere is awesome,” said Ray.

“I stand behind the quality of products we sell, especially Bad Modder Fogger. It’s easy to stand behind something you know that people are doing it right. Good people, good atmosphere. They truly listen to what all the employees have to say about products so we are even in what we want and what they want.”

The store’s products range from e-juice, tanks and RDAS, hardware, and other merchandise such as pre-built coils. The building also offers free WiFi and some choice beverages. The assortments of e-liquid flavors are probably the most fun to explore at the free tasting bar. Bad Modder Fogger, for example, has a lot of sweet options.

“I do have favorite flavors, ‘Ralfalfa,'” Ron said. “From custards to cereal, ‘Ralfalfa’ is like a Fruity Pebbles cereal but vapor. A lot of people said it’s one of the best cereal vapes they’ve ever had. I love the vanilla custard; ‘The Redemption’ is phenomenal. ‘The Bald Bastard,’ which is blueberry custard flavor profile with hints of cream and brûlée.

“I switch. I go from ‘Ralfalfa’ to ‘The Buster’, which is a twisted strawberry with whipped cream. It’s almost like a strawberry custard or strawberry milkshake. A lot of my flavors were dessert inspired if you will. I’ve got what I call a ‘Bohemian Key’ which is a key lime cookie. It tastes exactly like a key lime pie.”

Bad Modder Fogger and The Refining Vaping Company have already started getting involved in the Greensboro community in more ways than being just a new business.

“We give back to not only the vaping community but the community where our customers, retailers, and employees live,” said Ron. “For instance Bad Modder Fogger and The Refinery Vaping Company just recently sponsored a golf tournament that was for Backpack Beginnings and the Guilford County animal shelter.

“We’ve sponsored somebody to go to skating nationals so they can compete out in Arizona. That’s the reason businesses are developed. For the betterment of the community and we need to give back to the community so at any time or any chance we’re able to do that, we try our best to meet that guiding principle.

“The reason I think we wanted to be in Downtown Greensboro is because we truly want to be a part of the revitalization effort. We wanted to inject some life. We wanted to help the economy. We wanted to see the downtown area of Greensboro really thrive and really try to reinvent itself and we just wanted to be a part of those revitalization efforts.”

So whether someone wants a place to chill and vape, taste different flavors, learn more as a beginner, or to get off tobacco cigarettes, The Refinery Vaping Company is there for them.

“The number one goal as a vaping company is if somebody is thinking about quitting smoking, this is a shop you may want to check out,” said Ron. “We can help you with an alternative to combustible cigs.

“My hopes for the refinery is that we are a premiere vaping company for the consumers in Greensboro to really gravitate toward where service is unparalleled, selection is the best in the area, the prices will price match anyone in the area and basically treat people the way they want to be treated.” !


The Refinery Vaping Company is located at 104 S.

Davie St. in Greensboro. Check out their Facebook page or for more information.