The Rosebuds bring music to their marriage

by Heather MacIntyre

Band: The Rosebuds

Label: Merge Records

With almost a dozen recordings, the Rosebuds have slowly grown into the hearts of college kids all over the world. What did you think I was going to say? State? Come on, though they continue to put out new groundbreaking music, the buzz is old and set in stone all over the place by now. They’ve toured all over the US and Europe a few times. So what’s the story? Sadly, I haven’t been on their page from the start – but I first saw them at the last show at King’s in their home city of Raleigh. Their live show is such an enjoyable set, not just because Kelly Crisp is a beautiful blonde bombshell with a seductive voice, but because the music is actually a light and happy fusion of ’70s dance, and indie pop-rock. Oh, but the best part is that Kelly Crisp and Ivan Howard aren’t just a duo. They aren’t just two friends or artists or musicians, but they also happen to be husband and wife. They were married in May 2001, and immediately following the wedding, during the time when most people would go on honeymoon, chose to start a band instead. During the week after the wedding a Raleigh venue called Ivan to tell him that the opening band at a show had cancelled that night. He hung up the phone, and informed Kelly: “We’re in a band, and we have a show tonight.” Since then, the couple has created so much music with their shared love, passion and creativity over the years. Once 2003 hit the corner, North Carolina’s Merge Records ( took them by the hand and released their hit album, Make Out, and they’ve been happily signed ever since. Their most recent release, Sweet Beats, Troubled Sleep, is a remix of their last album Night of The Furies. You can check out and download tracks for free from it on their Myspace site ( Their recent tour was across the full US and Canada with British Sea Power ( They added a few more members, to perform as a five piece for a louder, more full sound. With the addition of their touring pals, it was one of the most popular Merge tours in the last couple years. One of my little extras about the Rosebuds, is their blog for their fans, friends and family (, keeping everyone updated on everything from band news, to the couple’s home life, vacation, tour, events, music, movie and book reviews, or just random funny YouTube videos that they’ve ever recorded themselves or found surfing the web. Keep a look out for upcoming NC shows they might post this summer, and I encourage you to check out their music; they are a band that you really actually enjoy their talent through recording, not just through the adrenaline of a live show.