The Tiny Meteors set to play in Winston

by Heather MacIntyre

One of my favorite aspects of most local bands is the relationship between the members, their music and the community that they’ve grown up alongside. The Tiny Meteors is one of Guilford County’s prime examples of these relationships. Most of the musicians went to school in Greensboro — at UNCG, GTCC and Guilford College — and continue to work in the community. If you’ve ever been to the Green Bean, you unknowingly possess a relationship with the band’s guitar/vocalist Kemp Stroble, one of the main baristas of the joint, the guy you desperately depend on to fuel your caffeine addiction every Thursday for half-priced lattes. Even further, he books a lot of the shows you attend with his personal time and money, Lookalive Booking. Other members also take part in multiple Triad music projects. Drummer Lawrence Holdsworth simultaneously holds membership cards in Tiger Bear Wolf and Marijuana Wolf, and bassist Mark Wingfield was formerly of Health and Curses. It all started when they were roommates after Stroble moved from Winston-Salem. He and Chris Clodfelter (guitar) were in their backyard enjoying a post-rainstorm hangout when they noticed what resembled little craters left by raindrops dripping from the car onto the ground. Clodfelter commented that it looked like tiny meteors fell to the earth. “Afterwards,” Stoble gleams, “we found out that meteors themselves are quite tiny, like grains of sand. So, the name became even more ridiculous, or perfect.” And their sound is just as random as the name choice. Possessing influences from all genres of the art like the Beatles, Led Zepplin, Neil Diamond, Daniel Johnston, Anthrax and Cheap Trick… you can’t really pinpoint any specific motivation of tune when you listen. It’s rock. It’s indie. It’s experimental. Really though, it’s just good. Though they wouldn’t mind conspiring with other artists in collaboration, like Rick Rubin or Electrical Audio, the group has been known to share the stage with bands like Man Man, We vs. the Shark, Red Collar, Bronzed Chorus and Pit Er Pat (to name only a few). But touring might not stem too far this summer with busy lives and, of course, gas prices — a major growing pain for most all bands right now. Currently, they’re preparing to record a full-length in the near future, so they won’t have to travel too far in the heat to write and play. Check out Tiny Meteors at their next show in Winston-Salem, only a few weeks away: Aug. 21 at the Werehouse ( with Oneida, Dirty Faces and Jah Division.