The Triad MUSIC Scene

by Ryan Snyder

The Triad MUSIC Scene Triad DJ Profile

Full name: Grant Eddins

Stage name: DJ Grant

Where I got it: It’s his real name. “I don’t need a superhero name. Music is the superhero of DJ Grant.”

What I play: Hip hop, dance and remix Gigs: Haven, Ess Lounge every weekend, occasionally Mosquito and the Office.

Got in the game: Mixing music since 1997, DJing live since 2002

Why he does it: “I love music, period. I love sharing it with everyone else.

Influences: “Nineties hip hop got me hooked.” First pro gig: Stool Pigeons; Raleigh, NC

Favorite technique: “I don’t really have a ‘technique.’ If I do, I’m not sure how to describe it. I have never, not even once, walked into a club or venue with a set already in mind. I just wing it every time. I watch the people and use my eyes to figure out what people are there to hear or are feeling at the moment.”

In his stereo: “All the new music I get to review. I sort out what I like and dislike or what will and won’t work.”

Favorite albums: “Are you serious? Too many to name.”

Web site:

I’d like to add: “To all the DJs and music lovers that want fresh remixes, you can find mine at and”