The Triad MUSIC Scene

by Ryan Snyder

The Triad MUSIC Scene Triad DJ Profile

Full name: Dakota A.

DJ handle: DJ-ICE

How I got it: “I gave it to myself.”

Got in the game: December 2006

Why I do it: It’s what I love doing

Influences: Artists all’  around the world

Production creds: DR Universal, Khaos, Anarky Da Kid, Oflow, Rob Flow, Karolina Kid, Marq Whit, AMP, Sound Jones, AR, H20, BIG B, G Money, Johnson Boy, Lil Jab, JR Bricks, Lil Hip Hop, Shun O, Big Pup and CJ-Da DJ just to name a few

Production style: “I’m efficient in the studio and get the tracks out quickly.”

In rotation: Three 6 Mafia, Proof, UGK, 2Pac and Screwed Up Click

Favorite albums: Three 6 Mafia — Mystik Stylez, UG — Ridin’ Dirty, SUC — Fallen Soldiers