The Triad MUSIC scene

by Ryan Snyder

The Triad MUSIC scene 

Triad DJ Profile

Full name: Chris Gregory

Stage name: DJ MC

How I got it: “It’s short for Mass Creative, which was given to me by my older cousin as a graffiti tag/rap name.”


Playlist: Hip hop, rock, R&B, reggae, mash ups, go-go and a little bit of house

Catch me at: Anywhere from NC to Los Angeles

Upcoming shows: Jabs Ultra Bar on Thursday, Jan. 22 and Jan. 29; Level 3 in Los Angeles on Jan. 18; Hom in Charlotte on Feb. 28; Poetry Nightclub located in Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas in March; and every Friday at 8 a.m. on 102 JAMZ

Got in the game: Sept. 12, 1998

Why I do it: “It was my love of music and the hip-hop culture. It started with graffiti as a youngster, and then I started rapping in 7 th grade and DJing in college. Here we are now.”

Influences: “Kid Capri, DJ Deluxe and any DJ true to the art.”

First pro gig: “The first party I was ever booked for was at the Great Hall on UNC’s campus with about 700 people.” Favorite technique: “The line-echo fade is something I do all of the time, which is when you make something echo out.”

Equipment: Technic 1200 turntables, Rane TT56 fader, Roland SP-404 sampler, Ortofon DigiTracks and Sony MDRV700 headphones

In my stereo at home: “Outkast, MGMT, Girl Talk and don’t laugh… Kate Nash.”

Favorite albums: The Roots — Do You Want More, Monifa — Moods Moments, Daft Punk — Human After All, Guns N Roses — Appetite for Destruction

I’d like to add: “I never claimed to be the best, just damn good at what I do and I’m still getting better.”