The Urban Sophisticates and Caroline Faust in contest to perform in Cornerstone Festival’s new band showcase


The Urban Sophisticates and vocalist Caroline Faust are involved in a contest to play in Cornerstone Festival’s new band showcase. This event has been a breeding ground for national alternative Christian acts for the past 22 years. The Urban Sophisticates have appeared twice over the last three years and look to make this year three out of four. Caroline Faust looks to make her debut apperance at Cornerstone Festival. These Greensboro artist need your help to make this happen. Voters are online now voting their favorite 10 bands into the festival. You can help put greensboro talent in the national spotlight by getting on your computer and voting for them. Only the top 16 bands will go to the festival. Go to and vote for The Urban Sophisticates and Caroline Faust to play the showcase. Other winners in the festivals history are such names as POD, Sixpense None the Richer, and many more. So again help greensboro talent become known all over the country as being the best.