The art of Show

In an era when the majority of concert posters and album covers seem to have only a photo of the artist or group, Pat Jones and Ben Nunery offer a colorful celebration of the art of show posters, in their new book titled, appropriately enough, Show Posters: The Art and Practice of Making Gig Posters, published by HOW Books.

Jones and Nunery are the founders of Powerhouse Factories, a noted rock ‘n’ roll poster shop and design studio. For 12 years, they have earned considerable acclaim for their poster designs, not just for musical acts but also for a variety of companies.

If Show Posters seems self-aggrandizing, it isn’t really, and it would hardly matter, because this eye-popping showcase clearly conveys how a poster can evoke a mood or a vibe more successfully than just a simple photograph. One needn’t be a fan of Wilco or Justin Timberlake or Wu-Tang or Willie Nelson – all of whom appear within these pages – to appreciate the effort and artistry that went into making their posters. The variety of posters is quite enticing.

Giving credit where it’s due, the authors not only show the poster, they also note client, designer and design firm (replete with website), and they delve into the techniques and methods with which these posters are designed and created. As someone whose abode is decorated with movie posters, I never quite thought of posters as fine art, but Show Posters goes a long way toward setting me straight on that score.

For more information about Show Posters, visit show-posters-making-gig-posters. !