The best playlist for your 2014 Halloween party

by Britt Chester

Halloween parties need good Halloween music, which is why we tapped Greensboro producer/DJ Darklove to curate one for you. Aren’t you tired of hearing “Monster Mash” played between “Thriller” and random songs from The Cure? We are. Darklove, also known as Matt Hollingsworth, knows what it takes to keep a party moving – he’s shared stages with Danny Brown, PantyRaid, Stranger Day, Steve Aoki, Mac Miller, just to name a few – and with Dance From Above, Greensboro’s latest late-night party at the Crown Room, he’s still keeping the party going. Here’s what Darklove thinks is the best music for you to play this Halloween to ensure a great time. He’s also provided a little bit of commentary on each selection. Have a listen, and let us know if we missed anything.

*There is a shareable playlist at the bottom of the post*

Songs for halloween in sort of a particular order butnot really

By: darklove.

Thee Oh Sees

Night Crawler

“Hey bro, I like your mummy costume, lets get this partystarted.”



“Because, duh.”



“Haunting sound design from Colonel Campbell’s grave that will actually transport you to the gravesite. “

Massive Attack

Inertia Creeps

“When you first walk into a serial killer’shouse that doesn’t have a driveway and they have dirty dishes in the kitchen, so your adrenaline starts to pump.”


King Night

“This is distorted instrumental hip-hop extracted from dead witchgraves.”

Heroes and Villains


+CHAPEL+ 2013 MIAMI ARTBASEL from R0XIE TV on Vimeo.

“Here, have some flashes of zombie attacks during midnightworship.”


Hate or Glory

“Just watch the music video.”

Run the Jewels

Oh My Darling Don’t Cry

“This is gangster rap that proves that all other gangster rap is irrelevant.”

Stranger Day

Trade Stand Off ft. Terrence Richard

“The lead synth is played on a dead person’s bones.”


After Light

“This is what the dawn sounds like after you are the 1,001 person to walk into the House of 1,000 corpses.”


Dark Light

“This is your heartbeat when you walk through a meat locker in the dark.”