The blunt and 40 generation

The blunt and 40 generation

The young, black population of our community, both male and female, find it easier to cope with their everyday problem of survival by smoking blunts and drinking 40 oz.s.

The idea of going to school or getting jobs area not important to them. Most of them were either kicked out of school or dropped out — in many cases the blame for these kids and young adults’ attitudes about life. In a way they are playing against a stacked deck. No education, no jobs, no income in many case means crime.

As a young, black male especially, getting a felony in most states is the end of the road except in cases where some businesses have been known to take a chance on felons, depending on what type of felony it is. For our women the task is a little easier to survive because of those support agencies or groups that help women, especially those who have children. So the black man with his saggy pants (not all) feels wounded by society, and the solution to his problems is his homeboys that are in the same rut he’s in, and a blunt and a 40 oz. So to the blunt and 40 generation I say to you: Put the blunt away and the 40. Pull your pants up, black man, and start setting the example that is meant for you to set for your children, family and friends. Let’s stand up together and be counted because we still a force to be reckoned with.

Power to the people. Julius Cornell is the former minister of information for the Winston-Salem chapter of the Black Panther Panther Party. He lives in the Bon Air neighborhood of Winston-Salem.