The guys from ‘The Wicker Show’

by Brian Clarey

Jeff Wicker and Skip “The Prize Guy” – seriously, that’s his name – have been holding down weekdays from 5:30 a.m. until 10 for about two years now at 98.7 the Simon, with comedy, giveaways, celebrity interviews and the like sandwiched between the station’s signature playlists that could by cribbed from a jukebox at a bar. “They describe it as an iPod on ‘shuffle.'” Wicker says. And they’re remarkably handsome for radio guys. On to the plugs: The guys are looking for a third masochistic soul who can bring it before sunrise every morning. “The chemistry has got to be right,” Wicker says, “and we’re gonna look at a lot of local people.” Also: Be listening this Friday when they host the annual “12 Hours of Christmas” auction with proceeds going to Victory Junction. “We’ll do pay-for- play,” Prize Guy says, “even if it’s your own song.” And: They’ll be broadcasting live from the Orange Bowl in Miami on Jan. 2 when Wake Forest takes on Louisville. Tough assignment, fellas. Bring back sunburns and hangovers for the rest of us.