The ups and downs of dating a geek

by Lindsay Craven

Spider-Man, X-Men, video games and Star Wars. These things were all pretty foreign to me once. Upon starting my relationship with my boyfriend a little over six years ago, all that changed.

When we first met Islowly learned that hewas a fan of just aboutevery comic-bookcharacter ever created.As time went on it wasestablished that if a comic-book film cameout we would be at the theater to see it,even if he didn’t particularly care for thecomic associated with it. I chalked this allup to a “guy thing.”

I was never much on comic-relatedmaterial aside from Batman. Now Iresearch the latest goings-on at comiccons around the nation, read about thelatest comic-book flick coming to theatersand buy comic-book T-shirts that I neverwould have considered before.

While comic-book cartoons and moviesare a big deal, another geeky hobby rulesthe world of my significant other. Thishobby is video games. The boy can spendhours mastering a world of flesh-eatingzombies or playing (surprise) one of hisfavorite comic-book characters in pixilatedform. This particular hobby has cost melots of money in the form of games andconsoles for Christmas and birthday giftsover the years.What’s worse, he’s gotten me startedtoo. Before meeting him I had onlya Playstation, gathering dust in mybedroom.

Thanks to him I discoveredthe world of Grand Theft Auto and allhas been downhill since. I now owna Playstation 2 and 3, Wii, PSP andNintendo DS; items I never would haveconsidered worthy of their lofty prices inthe past.Today the video game obsession onlycontinues to grow, as he has chosen acareer in game development, a choiceI encourage since he can at least startmaking some money for those hours hespends attached to a TV screen, controllerin hand.The true nature of the geek withinthe man I love only recently becamecrystal clear. We recently watched a filmcalled Fanboys, where a few geeks goon a mission to break into the SkywalkerRanch and watch Star Wars Episode: I.In the movie, two of the characters sportauthentic stormtrooper costumes to aHalloween party.

‘ Once he said, “I wish Ihad a stormtrooper costume,” I knew therewould be trouble.Having recently been laid off from hisjob and on summer break from school, hehas a lot of free time on his hands. Afterthe comment about the costume, I knew hewould be considering an impulse purchaseof a costume online.I was initially correct in my assumption,however he threw me for a loop when hedecided that maybe it didn’t make senseto spend that much money on a costume.I was shocked that he had such a logicalthought about something as visceral as astormtrooper costume and thought thatmaybe I was rubbing off on him a little.He quickly brought me back to realitywhen he informed me that he planned tomake his own.

The days since have been filled withback and forth on what he would makeand how he would make it. It started outas a stormtrooper costume made like theoriginal costumes for the film, includingthe need to create a full-body cast andsculpt plastic.

He came to his senses and realized thismay be out of his league, instead settlingon creating a stormtrooper blaster gun.

For thenext couple of days I received updated picture texts of the progressionof his geeky project. Once it was finished he was high off the fun ofcreating something with his own two hands and decided that he had tomake a costume next. Instead of going back to the impossiblestormtrooper assembly, he aimed to create the bounty hunter Boba Fett.His plan to create this seemingly complicated costume: a step-by-steptutorial on making the armor and equipment out of trashcan plastic. I initially laughed at him for his obsession and doubted thepossibility that he could pull it off. I have since been corrected. Hedid a pretty good job. I have spent the years telling him how big of ageek he is, especially the past couple of weeks. Sometimes it getsfrustrating when his nerdy hobbies and obsessions become a littleoverbearing but I have realized that it’s something I would never wantto change about him. I look forward to Halloween when he will be ableto don his hard-earned costume with pride as I stand by inevitablydressed as Princess Leia, still rolling my eyes but proud to be datinga geek.

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