The voice of a Triad landowner

by Pat Schreiber

Unlike the companies that are relocating to our area, I am a taxpayer-landowner and I strongly oppose the north-south connector FS0707B planned to run along the Guilford-Forsyth county lines in the High Point Major Thoroughfare Plan. Developers from other states and big businesses and those with connections to political offices are pushing for the land owned by those of us who live in Heart of the Triad (HOT). Greed is driving this development. This is wrong.

Speaking of HOT, it makes me hot to think that I was born here, live in Forsyth County, pay taxes promptly, worked for the state my entire career, paid for my home and now stand in jeopardy of having my home and property taken from me through eminent domain for highway construction and “controlled” development. What is more controlled than using my land for a natural habitat for animals and growing trees that provide oxygen for all to breathe?

My land is not abandoned or unused as stated at some of these meetings. I pay taxes on it and use it responsibly. It is my constitutional right to develop my property if I choose to do so; but instead, I choose to allow it stay in a natural environmental state. My lawn is beautifully landscaped and the natural areas are covered in beautiful spring flowers and summer foliage. My property is far more aesthetically pleasing than apartment buildings, asphalt parking lots and factory buildings. By the way, has anyone noticed that our state has neither the money nor the water to support this development?

Our section of the state has six existing north-south highways – Union Cross, highways 311, 66, 109, 220, 68, and Sandy Ridge Road. We have two major east-west interstates and the future home of Interstate 74. Why do we need a seventh north-south connector? It will be cheaper to widen existing roads.

I oppose building sidewalks and bike paths for others to be able to play on land that you will take from me. I worked two jobs most of my career to pay for this property. It is wrong to take away my property so that someone else can play. If officials are worried about people getting exercise, the state will save a great deal of money if everyone is given a tax allowance for a gym membership. It only costs $10 a month for Planet Fitness.

I oppose the east-west connector to extend the Piedmont Parkway to the Dell plant. Dell is laying off their employees and will leave this area long before it has to pay its first cent in taxes. Look at other facilities where they have been operating and that they left behind. Most companies are relocating to India, China, Vietnam, etc. because of lower wages for employees. Have you shopped in Wal-Mart lately? Everything is made in China. These roads will not solve the cost of living in the United States. They only serve to destroy beautiful land and line the pockets of greedy developers.

These two major connector highway systems are designed totally for the purpose of development of the land identified as HOT. The officials are not fooling anyone; this is all a plan to take our land from us. When are government officials going to wise up and stop destroying God’s country to keep bringing in developers that are raping and destroying our land and other natural resources? New companies will come to our area, stay until their buildings become obsolete and then take advantage of other municipalities to pay tax incentives for them to relocate. Take a look at the existing abandoned inner cities structures and empty factories. Isn’t it time that the government cleaned up the existing abandoned areas and leave these beautiful tracts of land in the Heart of the Triad alone? Remember that man is the only animal who fouls his own nest.

Please keep the voice of the Triad landowners alive.

Pat Schreiber lives in Kernersville.