The year in images Slices of life from 2005


pleases see all the photos from this issue in the YES! pixs gallery on the left hand side of the screen, then choose ‘year in images’

photos by Lee Adams, unless otherwise noted

We had a great idea: we’ve been committed to a strong photographic presence in the paper. Why don’t we end 2005 with a big bang, so to speak, and tell the story of the year in pictures. Original? Not exactly. But we went ahead and did it anyway.

We captured a buttload of images in the past year, and winnowing them all down to the sample you see on these pages was indeed a gargantuan task, but also one of the most enjoyable ones yet. They unleashed a flood of memories in the offices ‘— Remember the dude on the recumbent bike? Cigar lady? The dog and the mailman consorting with each other? ‘— and we hope they will do the same for our readers.

A special credit goes to our staff photographer, Lee Adams, who contributed the overwhelming majority of the images you’ll see here. He’s damn good. After scanning the section, we think you’ll agree.

So here we go: YES! Weekly presents’… The Year in, uh, Images.