Theatre Alliance gossips on stage

by Lenise Willis

Dancing Lemur Photography – Jenny L. Viars

As rumors are spread, stories are woven, growing taller and grander, which is why gossip is the perfect centerpiece for a theatre production. Theatre Alliance digs into the creativity of rumors in its production of Cheatin,’ an awardwinning comedy set in the west Texas watering hole of Lowake.

In the farce, gossip ignites a blaze of infidelity that consumes three couples. The talk of the town includes Bo Bob, the dimwitted mailman, Clarence, the local stud and mechanic who’s been messin’ with Ovella – the town you-know-what–since high school, and Clarence’s faithful girl, Sara Lee Turnover, the beautician. And let’s not forget Teddy Joe, Ovella’s wronged husband, who is more brawn than brain, and Maybelline, the overweight waitress who wants to be in love.

An optimistic narrator, who serves as both singer and storyteller, doubles as a psychic to complete the cast.

The production is directed by Jamie Lawson and the cast features local funny folk Eric Dowdy as Bo Bob, Jeremy Engle as Clarence, and Peggie Kaan as Ovella.

“As Theatre Alliance produces Cheatin,’ we will officially have presented all of Del Shores’ work at least once,” said Jamie Lawson, artistic director. “Mr. Shores pointed out to me that we are the only theatre company to have done all of his shows. We are pleased to hold this record and to add this quick-paced Southern comedy to our ‘Got ‘Er Done’ list.” !


Theatre Alliance presents Cheatin’ July 22-31 at its theatre at 1047 Northwest Blvd., Winston- Salem. Production is rated R for adult situations and strong language. Tickets are $18. For tickets and more information call 336-723-7777 or visit