Theme of new Crafted restaurant unveiled tonight

by Jeff Sykes

Crafted’s Kris Fuller.

Chef Kristina Fuller and her mom and business partner, Rhonda Fuller, are unveiling the new Crafted restaurant to a group of media and assorted guests this evening.YES! Weekly’s food columnists Kristi Maier is at the event. She got a sneak preview from the Fullers late last week and we will have a feature on the new restaurant in this week’s YES! Weekly, which also happens to be our gigantic Best Of “¦ issue.Check out Kristi Maier’s tweets from the scene and pick up a copy of YES! Weekly on the streets tomorrow.Here’s a snippet from the story:Fuller, whom YES! Weekly readers voted the Triad’s Best Chef has been quite mum on the name of the new Crafted, with the exception of letting everyone know that it’s Crafted “something.” Even those that thought they figured it out were actually pressured not to reveal their suspicions because the Fullers wanted to release the name on their own at a meaningful time and event. You know, like making you wait to open your present.In fact, with all the inquisitive reporters flowing in and out to get a look of the new Crafted, each wondering what the new concept would be, the answer has been hiding in plain sight all along. In the letters jumbled up in the graffiti art behind the bar, the words”¦