Things I did this summer

by Lindsay Craven

Saw No Doubt live

Summer is all about the music for me. I love going to every amphitheater show I can squeeze into my schedule and out of my wallet. While this summer was not filled with as much music as I might have liked I did get the opportunity to see No Doubt, a band I have been listening to since middle school. The band’s reunion tour stopped by Raleigh on June 8, and my friend Allie and I enjoyed the nostalgic tunes from Tragic Kingdom, Return of Saturn and Rock Steady.

Watched lots of movies

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a movie fanatic. Along with my extensive DVD collection I also find my way to a movie theater every chance I get. This summer is no exception. To date I have caught about seven movies since late May. The film highlights of my summer so far have to be Public Enemies, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and The Hangover, although I am still behind on several movies I want to see. The movie theater has been a great place to spend some time with my boyfriend, mom and/or sister this summer, enjoying whatever popcorn flick is showing next.

Discovered the Comedy Zone

Along with movies I am also a huge fan of stand-up comedy. Every trip I take outside the state usually includes a trip to a local comedy club. It wasn’t until this summer that I discovered Greensboro’s own comedy oasis. The Comedy Zone is a great place to go spend a Friday or Saturday night or even to celebrate an event. My first trip was to cover a comedian’s show for YES! Weekly but I returned the next week to help my friend Tamara celebrate her bachelorette party. The host Chris Wiles has become my new favorite comedian.

Joined a gym

I’ve never been much of a fitness fanatic but I decided to change that this summer. While it was a decision made too late for this year’s bikini season it’s one that I think will pay off for next year as well as the rest of my life. Upon joining the Stokes County YMCA I learned that I love the rewards and feelings that come along with living a healthier lifestyle. Not only do I work out on a daily basis now, but I also have saved myself money by eating healthier and taking my lunch to work.

Meeting and observing David Sedaris

One of my first articles for the paper was a feature article on David Sedaris’ visit to the Winston-Salem Barnes & Noble. While I never got to set up an interview to speak with him one on one and I ended up spending eight hours waiting to meet him and watching him interact with his fans, it was a privilege to see someone appreciate the people who provide their paycheck the way Sedaris does. He patiently listened to every story and joke with complete interest and respect. Although I haven’t read much of his work, he did gain a lifelong fan that night.

Planned and attended my best friend’s wedding

Weddings are generally not my thing. But when my best friend Tamara called me last year to tell me that she was getting married and she wanted me to be her maid of honor I had to put that aside and get geared up for wedding mania. When she later asked me to decorate the wedding, I really had to get ready. The time I ended up spending and all the work that went into the event paid off in the end. When the wedding wrapped up this past Saturday night I knew it was all worth it by the smile on her and her husband’s faces.

Learned the meaning of unemployment

I have been an unemployed citizen since June 5 of this year. While I have continuously been putting in applications and making phone calls to part-time jobs all summer I still find myself without a regular paycheck. As my checking account has slowly dwindled down to nothing I have felt the sting that 11.2 percent of the rest of the North Carolina population is feeling. While I’m lucky enough to be able to live at home rent free, I understand what it’s like to worry about the money it will take to fill up your gas tank that week and trying to figure out new tricks to make you look better than the 500 other people applying for the job. The economy is horrible and I’m hoping our government representatives are working to make improvements in the near future.

Reconnecting with my family

After graduating college I had to tuck my tail between my legs and move back into my childhood home, having not secured a big-girl job in the real world. While I am still in that position I have learned that living at home again isn’t the worst thing in the world. Not only do I get to live and eat for free every day but I also get to reconnect with the family that I have spent the last four years avoiding.

Worked for Chickspeak

As a recent college graduate with a degree in journalism a big part of my life revolves around working for free in order to keep my name out there and my writing in check. Chickspeak is an online publication for women about everything from entertainment and finance to travel and health. I have been writing for the site since late April and have developed a love for the well-rounded publication. College students and graduates from around the world contribute their time and talents to it weekly to create a fun concoction for readers.

Interned at YES! Weekly

YES! Weekly has been my life since I started my internship at the end of May. I spend my weeks working in the office learning from anyone willing to teach. I spend evenings and weekends throughout the week checking out what the Triad has to offer in the way of food, entertainment, music, etc. This experience has taught me a lot of about the area I live in and, more importantly, taught me even more about what it means to be a journalist. Most of my memorable experiences of the summer I owe to my position here at YES! Weekly.