Think November spells relief? Maybe, maybe not

by Ogi Overman

Lately I feel like a walking contradiction. It’s as if I’m living in two separate worlds concurrently, two realities that barely brush up against one another. It’s not that I’m going schizoid, rather that I’m perfectly comfortable in one world yet not at all sure where I fit in the other. And I have a feeling that I’m not alone.

I’ve come to realize over the past several months that I enjoy my station in life. Nothing has changed except my perception of it. No epiphanies, no moments of clarity, no momentous events… merely this awareness that I’m living life on life’s terms and taking some pleasure from it. It’s not Primrose Lane by any means, but it’s not a bad place to be. My immediate surroundings and the way I interact with it seem to suit me.

It’s that other world that’s distressing – that big, wide world that used to be wonderful but now is filled with powerful people with no spirit or soul who would have us live in fear, not of that which is truly fear-worthy but of imaginary demons, of straw men, of axes of evil. It’s that world that is in dire straits over its ability to sustain human life while its political leaders take the ostrich approach and ignore it. They pretend there is no climate crisis, equivocating that justifiable fear with the irrational fear of some cosmic bogeyman who hates us for our freedom and is lying in wait to kill us for some nebulous reason.

Oh yes, I am fearful… but not for the reasons those in power would prefer. It is not the word they made up, “Islamo-fascists,” to describe our perceived enemy that I fear. Rather, I fear the fact that they are the mirror image of that which they despise, and fail to realize it. Or worse, they do realize it and think that they have so anesthetized the public that they can say and do anything they please without fear of reprisal or accountability.

And given the fact that they remain in power despite a daily litany of miscalculations, duplicitous behavior, blunders, setbacks, scandals, crimes, errors, vacillations, misdemeanors and brazen lies, perhaps they’re right. The endless stream of blatant offenses and empty denials is so relentless that it numbs the mind. And maybe that’s the point; they’ve learned to use the very fact of their mind-numbing leadership vacuum to their advantage. They figure that eventually the public will tune it out, dismiss it as politics as usual, typical Bush ignorance and incompetence, and go on about their daily lives. The theory is that after seeing the opposition party try and fail so many times to curtail their power, that the public accepts their own powerlessness and resigns themselves to simply trying to make the best of their day-to-day lives.

And, sadly, that may be what has happened. We are suffering from Bush fatigue. We’ve come to expect so little of him and this sorry excuse for an administration that we’ve started tuning it all out. What else could go wrong? we ask absent-mindedly. What will it take to wipe that smug, sneering, arrogant smile off his face?

If it hasn’t happened by now, it’s not going to happen.

That person who calls himself president has now begun vetoing legislation just to thumb his nose at Congress, because he knows he can get away with it. He is invincible, 10 feet tall and bulletproof, so wrapped up in megalomania that being the most despised man on the planet only makes him more convinced that he is on the path of righteousness.

In this fear-based world we now live in, here’s a point to ponder: Just as I have arranged my life to suit my needs, what if those currently in power have arranged their government to suit their need to remain in power, even after next November? What if the US were to suffer a major terrorist attack late next summer or early fall and Bush were to declare martial law, suspend the elections and declare himself the sole arbiter of law and justice? You know, like his dear friend, the democratically elected Musharraf just did in Pakistan.

Think it couldn’t happen here? Well, I never thought America could have started a war under false pretenses, that this administration could have squandered half a trillion dollars, been responsible for a hundred thousand lost lives, denied and then exacerbated global warming, vetoed stem cell research, revealed the identity of a covert CIA agent, shredded the US Constitution, tortured prisoners of war and lied about it, lost the moral respect of the world community, suspended habeas corpus and a hundred other acts of malfeasance – and still remain in power.

Think again, brothers and sisters, think again.

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