Tiger, Santa and the baby Jesus

by YES! Weekly staff

It is December 2009 and one more hero has bit the dust in a world of capitalistic focus during the time of thanks and giving. The media caught the hero Tiger Woods with his guard down. His force shield was penetrated and the false idols that supported his perfect reign are peeling away. To think this would all happen during Christmas, how absurd!

However, and I mean a big however, does the world know how lucky Tiger and is family will be! For they have been given one of the greatest gifts in the world today. They have been given their freedom!

Tiger has been under the gun to be perfect — maintain the perfect family, live the life of riches and fame, be the beacon of success for all those who need a financial focus within a financially stressed time. Be like Tiger, be like Mike, be like… whomever; the pressure eventually is just too much. Drugs get some of these heroes, alcohol gets others, gambling, over-extended investment and, yes, sex gets many others. Within the mindset of the materialistic world, the protocol for living is survival of the fittest or survival of the sneakiest. It is a world that has no real focus on the real values of life. It is a world that plays at living and surrounds its style with all the trappings of capitalistic glory.

So why are Tiger, his wife, his family and his other special friends so lucky? All of them have been searching for something to make them feel whole and at peace. When people do not have peace and self worth, they will look everywhere to find it. The Woods family is no different. Nevertheless, it does not matter who is to blame. It does not matter who did what to whom and when did they do it. Something much greater is about to enter into the lives of this athletic family. Tiger and his family will now have the opportunity to free themselves from the chains of worthless foci to walk a journey that provides a better understanding of the real value of life’s many games.

The Woods will now have the opportunity to find peace from within, acceptance from real friends, and value from real-life sponsors. They will find themselves and others who will help them back into the game of life without the trappings of gold, frankencense and myrrh. Tiger will find real peace; his wife will find real peace; and the family will live with a peace that is the priceless winning purse in the world of today, tomorrow and beyond.

Santa has already delivered his package, the Baby Jesus will be smiling on the Woods and Tiger will once again learn the real meaning of family and friends. Oh how sucky this swinger of the links will be on Christmas Day, 2009.

The writer lives in Danville, Va.