Tigress McDaniel

by YES! Weekly staff

Onlya hack would point out the leonine qualities of a woman named TigressMcDaniel, so I’ll focus here on her musical talents. The jazz singertrained in Louisville and has been performing professionally in theSouth and Midwest for more than six years. “I’ve been compared to JillScott and Natalie Cole,” she says. “That’s not bad. That’s a hugecompliment. I’ve also been classified as neo-soul. I’ve actually beenturned down [for gigs] because of the neo-soul thing, and oddly enoughit was at a jazz café.” You can catch her locally beginning in March atCoffee Connect in Kernersville, and she’ll take a turn at Vintage 301later this month, a three-hour set of pure lounge, where she promisesto take on Chaka Khan’s version of “My Funny Valentine.”