Toshi and Nayuko Yoshida

by Brian Clarey

Partners Toshi and Nayuko Yoshida make our Page Three this week for several reasons. For one, as proprietors of Coffee and Roses Express on High Point Road near the Jamestown line, the closest coffee joint to the YES! Weekly offices, they are responsible for keeping the eyes of our staff bright and alert from early morning to late night. The coffee, by the way, is excellent, each cup brewed in an espresso machine. Another reason is that they’re among the nicest people in town – Toshi remembers names and drink preferences and always has an infectious smile on his face no matter what time of day. “Most important is how honestly I can serve each individual customer,” he says. And finally, they make Page Three because they’re so damn cute. The couple, originally from Osaka, Japan, opened the shop after turns working in the sushi business and a florist in Durham (hence the roses).