Tracy Hayes and Melodi Fentress

by Brian Clarey

There have been two art chicks in Greensboro since 1999, when Judith Kastner and Anne Wilson opened Two Art Chicks gallery on South Elm Street. But they have passed the torch to this week’s Page Three pair, Tracy Hayes and Melodi Fentress, the new art chicks who took over gallery operations last year. Melodi, the redhead, started at the gallery in September 2005 and became gallery director in 2006; Tracy, a brunette, is the assistant gallery director. And both make art when their administrative duties allow. “I make a lot of more surreal art,” Tracy says. “Right now I’m really into mixing the natural with the unnatural world.” Melodi takes a cerebral approach to her work, literally. “A lot of my works incorporate different mind maps, mostly maps of the subconscious by Jung and Freud.” They also use the space for art lessons, film screenings like Tuesday night’s presentation of Darfur Diaries, and rock shows – the next, featuring the Wolverines, Shaking hands with Danger and Brainworm, is on March 1.