Train strikes truck in Downtown Greensboro

by Jeff Sykes

A black pick up truck with a Meat’s Unlimited logo on the side became stuck on a railroad crossing on Elm Street in downtown Greensboro and was struck by an Amtrack passenger train a few hundred yards away from the train station.

Passengers on the train could be seen in good spirits, with some talking to emergency workers through the train windows. Police blocked off Elm Street on both sides of the track, which runs just next to the Cascade Saloon on the southside of the tracks.
The pickup truck was lodged between the train and the Cascade Saloon, an abandoned building currently being considered for redevelopment.
Mecklenburg County state Sen. Jeff Jackson was on the train one car back and said they had just left the station when passengers heard a thud.
“We could tell that the train had pinned a truck against a brick building,” Jackson said. “The conductor came on after a few moments and announced that a man driving a truck had tried to beat the train across the tracks and failed.”

Jackson said the truck driver was pinned in the truck for 5 to 10 minutes until fire and rescue personnel freed him from the vehicle. The man appeared uninjured. After it was clear there were no injuries, passengers on the train remained in good spirits, he said.

“Once we learned that he was ok, the reaction was amusement at the whole situation and a little frustration at the delay,” Jackson said. “The consensus among the passengers was that if a train hits you, you are wrong.”