Triad DJ profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ Handle: DJ Deth Dealr

What it means: It’s just one of those things you’re better off not knowing

Real name: Mitchell Wheeler

What I play: Rock, hip hop, country, everything from Michael Jackson to Sugarland to the Righteous Brothers.

Catch me at: I DJ for Triad DJ service so I play mostly the Triad, but I’ve worked all over NC.

Upcoming shows: They’re mostly private events, but you can book me at

Got in the game: About five years ago.

Why I do it: I do it for the ladies.

Influences: Coup Delicious

First pro gig: My first paid gig was as a DJ’s assistant at a middle school dance. I didn’t do any real DJing, just babysat equipment.

Favorite technique: Switching tracks while sipping a beer

Personal playlist: Deadmau5, Girl Talk, DJ AM

My gear: Rane mixers, Serato Scratch Live, JBLs, Shure mics


I’d like to add: I also play bass in a rock band called Revolution Mill. We just released a four-song EP that you can download for free from our site. We’re playing the Flatiron on Friday, but be on the lookout for more shows.