Triad Twosome Returns Home With Colorful Victory


Las Vegas, Nevada: The Flamingo Casino on the Las Vegas Strip was home to The North American Bodypainting Championships, a world-class event on Valentine’s Day weekend, drawing artists to compete from 16 countries and 22 states across the US. Bodypaint artists Scott Fray and Madelyn Greco, a couple from Reidsville, North Carolina celebrated a unique recognition of their teamwork on Sunday as they were called to the stage to receive their third place award in the Brush and Sponge Category.Seventy artists from around the world registered to compete in this category, twenty-five were chosen to move on to the finals. The other half of the competition is the Airbrush Category, which affords artists the use of stencils to complete their designs, while Brush and Sponge must be completely hand painted. Artists in both contests had exactly 6 hours in which to complete their designs for judging, followed by a presentation of the models in a Vegas-style stage show, open to the public each evening.The team of Fray and Greco are also known as LivingBrush Bodypainting, operating together from their home studio in Reidsville for the past 5 years. They were the sole North Carolina entrants in the Championship, along with their model, Kristen Snider of Winston-Salem. This was their first foray into the world of competitive bodypainting, though the couple holds the current Guinness World Record for “Most Painted Bodies” in a 24-hour period. Countries abroad have long recognized bodypainting as an art form and celebrated it, most famously in Seeboden, Austria, home of The World Bodypainting Festival. Newer festivals have followed their lead in places such as Korea, China, Russia, Australia, Germany, Sweden and the UK. Organizers of the North American Championships (offering the highest cash prizes for a competition to date) were pleased to have such a strong showing of support from the world community of artists, all of whom were chosen to compete after submitting samples of their work for consideration.Thrilled by their victory and eager to continue on, Scott and Madelyn are now planning to compete in Seeboden at The World Bodypainting Festival in July, a dream not previously attainable. They feel positively about the favorable impression of their artistry in Las Vegas and have high hopes for bringing their own unique style to the world stage.Links:www.northamericanbpc.comwww.livingbrush.comwww.bodypainting-festival.comContact:Scott Fray – 336-541-0630, – scottfray@aol.comMadelyn Greco – 336-541-0632, –