Triad dj profile

Triad dj profile

DJ handle: DJ Spider

Full name: Suzann Knudsen

My name means: At 6-foot-1, a Daddy–Long- Legs reference was going to be inevitable at some point. Add to that my natural tendency towards the spooky and the fact that I “spin”… bingo! It’s been a nickname for so long now that even my mother calls me Spider. What I play: Gosh, what don’t I play? I’ve been a DJ for about 20 years, so I think I’ve spun about every genre at some point. Generally, I do EBM/synthpop/ industrial, with doses of ’80s, ’90s, breakbeat, trance and electro, and a sprinkle of mash-ups. At Big Mamma’s House of Burlesque, it means anything that works with the theme of her show for the night — lounge, big band and rockabilly primarily — but I’ve done all-country and all-Christmas shows as well. For the Roller Girls home bouts, it’s a big ol’ mess of pop, dance and rock.

Catch me: Monthly at Return of the Bats (a goth/darkwave night), most of the Charlotte Roller Girls home bouts, Big Mamma’s House of Burlesque shows and the occasional set at the Breakfast Club. I have a fairly active travel schedule — the last six months have included DC, Atlanta and Philly with one-offs here and there. Upcoming shows: June 12: Nine Inch Nails after-party; the Breakfast Club, Charlotte. June 13: Big Mamma’s House of Burlesque presents “Bondage: Shaken Not Stirred”; Visualite, Charlotte. June 20: Return of the Bats; Charlotte’s Underground, Charlotte. Got in the biz: I began my journey to club life in college at WGRE-FM, the campus radio station in Greencastle, Ind. during the “120 Minutes” era of music. After graduation, I returned home to the Virgin Islands, where I continued to work as the host of the only live alternative rock show in the Caribbean. My radio show, “Devolution,” was bootlegged as far away as Denmark, and ran for over three years. I was offered a full-time position with the Greenhouse, a very successful bar and restaurant which maintained several of the hottest nights on the island. I was able to create and promote a number of successful events with the USO, the Temptations, Jimmy Thackery, Hawaiian Tropic and the Sinbad Soul Music Festival. Finally deciding that there was more to the world than the Caribbean could offer, I moved to Atlanta, where I rediscovered my love of the darker, harder side of music. Why I do it: There is nothing like hundreds of people screaming because you’ve played a track you know they’ll love. I don’t like putting it in cosmic terms, but I do think I play the part of mood enhancer and emotional release. A DJ should expose you to a few new things, make you remember old favorites, get you to giggle a bit, and most importantly, make you feel part of a bigger whole. Influences: Every DJ I’ve ever spun with has influenced me in some way, but I would have to give props to DJ Kangal, DJ Matt Bolick and DJ Wyatt Magnum for giving me direction whether they meant to or not. Pop culture, books and mass market entertainment are just as important as that one band in the UK that sends over a demo just in case I like it.

First pro gig: For club life, that would have to be filling in for a vacationing DJ at Alternative Thursdays at the Old Mill on St. Thomas. I was doing alternative music on the radio and had the music. Favorite technique: Reading the crowd. You can have all the mixing and scratching tricks in the book, but if the crowd doesn’t dig what you’re playing, you might as well be in your bedroom. I love requests and working them into a set. Seeing someone’s eyes light up because you played their favorite song is just amazing. Personal playlist: Yesterday I was on a mellow ’90s rock vibe (Toad the Wet Sprocket, This Picture). Two days ago I was non-stop VNV Nation and Aesthetic Perfection. Last week it was Lady Gaga and new wave ’80s. Today I’m thinking I need some old school reggae. I like too many genres to stick with one.

Favorite albums: Nine Inch Nails — Pretty Hate Machine. Hands down, it’s the album that broke me out of Top 40 and introduced me to a world I can’t imagine not having. Equipment: I’m so basic! At home I have a set of Numark CDN-25s that are on their last legs, but if I can spin on those, I can spin on anything. Generally, I work with whatever the club provides, but you’ll hear me squeal across the room if there are a set of Pioneer CDJ-1000s.