Triad hip hop artist determined to leave his footprint on the industry

by Kashif Stone

He’s a hip hop artist yet a father and husband first. Patrick Cruz admits that he isn’t the most lyrical artist in the industry but he can definitely put on one hell of a show, concluding his performances with barely a voice while drenched in a large pool of sweat. Known by the stage name “Cruz,” he is unlike many of today’s mainstream hip hop artists and is determined to remain in his own lane.

Born and raised in New York City, Cruz currently lives in Asheboro.

He’s a huge family man who devotes most of his time to his wife Amy and 2-year-old son Avery. Cruz works third shift at an Assisted Living facility and is often asked to rap for the residents who admire his artistry. He obtained an Associate in Arts from Randolph Community College and plans to continue his education and pursue his Bachelors in Business Administration. Aside from his love for music, Cruz enjoys playing his Playstation 4 and watching sports such as football and basketball.

Cruz began taking an interest in hip hop music when he was 16 years old after doing parodies of popular mainstream songs with his cousin. However, it wasn’t until he was 18 that he began taking music seriously. “When I was 18 I realized I had talent and was ready to pursue it,” said Cruz. At age 21 he joined Medley Records, a recording label founded by Robert Medley, and dropped his first mixtape ‘No Discounts.’ The mixtape was a success, selling out at the project’s release party.

Following the mixtape he began working as a solo act and eventually joined DayDreamers Music Group.

“DayDreamers Music Group was started by two guys who I consider my brothers, J Bryant and Quan Eugene. I am still working with them and the group has grown and elevated to a whole new level.”

Although he hasn’t worked with any major recording artists, Cruz is an artist with an impressive resume opening up for big name underground music acts such as Mobb Deep and Big K.R.I.T. His music has gained recognition throughout the Triad, only adding to his list of credentials. “My biggest musical memory is getting the remix to my single “Bobbin'” featuring Ed E.

Ruger played on 102 Jamz,” said Cruz. The single earned radio play due to family, fans and friends who supported and promoted the song. Throughout his career he has released a few mixtapes: No Discounts, 3 Count featuring Whitty, Birth of a King and Low Life. He is hoping to release his debut album in the near future. “I am currently working on a new single that could possibly have a bigger impact than Bobbin’ did.”

Cruz’s mission as an artist is simple: He intends to be the best he can be by not attempting to be like something or someone he is not. “My aspiration is to see myself as an established artist living comfortable without any worries,” said Cruz. “I’ll never lose my love and passion for music whether I’m performing in front of three people or thousands of people. I love music and the people who support me and my craft.”

DayDreamers Music Group is launching a website in the near future. You can follow Cruz on Twitter @ThaRealCruz and for inquiries and bookings, email Cruz at his personal address!