Trish Saunders

by Brian Clarey

Have you seen this woman? This week’s Page Three model Trish Saunders, better known to her fans as Trish Delish, likes to keep in front of the public eye. People started looking at her while she was a server at Hooter’s, where we first met her in a May 2005 bikini contest (she didn’t win, but she certainly made an impression). Since then she’s scored a gig working with Greensboro karaoke legend Sam the Man and she can be seen working the communal mic at Stumble Stilskin’s on Tuesday nights and on Sundays at either Iguanas or the Green Burro. She’s also picked up the ancient art of belly dancing at the YMCA of Jamestown about a year ago. “I started it just as a workout,” she says, “once a week for an hour to forget about everything else in life.” But it turned out to be a moneymaker: Trish Delish works her curves Wednesday through Saturday nights at George K’s. “I’m a Leo,” she explains. “I like to be in the spotlight. I’m the ruler of the sun.”