UPDATE: Moped regulations go into effect today

by Britt Chester

The new regulations surrounding mopeds and scooters on the road in North Carolina went into effect today, July 1.

At the 5551 W. Market license plate office in Greensboro more than six mopeds filled parking spaces with the owners, assumedly disgruntled, waited in line to register their transportation.
Collectively, the group was least happy about the pending insurance rate that will go into effect over the next year, but even the hassle of registering was annoying. Another element of the restriction states that any scooter or moped that “can” exceed 30 mph must be registered. (Author note: any 50cc scooter that is mechanically sound “can” exceed that speed.)
Jerry Cooper submitted these photos from the 1141 Silas Creek office, and stating the room was crammed with 50 people with over an hour wait in line. There was also a sheriff present guiding people through the process.