Unfinished business?

by Keith Barber

Silk Plant Forest Citizen Review Committee to hold final meeting Thursday


The Silk Plant Forest Citizen Review Committee is scheduled to hold its final meeting on Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at Winston-Salem City Hall. For the past 15 months, nine citizens have served on a committee created by the Winston-Salem City Council in October 2007 to look into how the Winston-Salem Police Department handled the 1995 Silk Plant Forest-Jill Marker assault case. Whether or not the committee fulfilled its assigned purpose is difficult to judge considering the city has not released the committee’s interim report, which the committee submitted to city council four months ago. City Attorney Angela Carmon said it would take a judge’s order to release the interim report due to sensitive personnel information contained in the document. “We had looked at the possibility of putting it before [Forsyth County] Judge [Edgar B.] Gregory but we didn’t calendar that motion, Carmon said. “We also looked at sitting down and pulling out the personnel information from the report.” Carmon said she could not say for certain when, if ever, the committee’s interim report would be released to the public. In regards to the committee’s final report, city councilman Dan Besse said ideally, a motion to release the report would receive a judge’s blessing before the city council releases it publicly. Besse said he couldn’t say when the report will be made public. Besse also said he expects the city council to discuss the committee’s final report during its Aug. 10 meeting. Mayor Pro Tem Vivian Burke, chairman of the Public Safety Committee, said she expects the final report will come before her committee before it is presented to the city council. The city council resolution that formed the committee defined its scope as investigating police

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