Up on the roof, the District Burger bites back

by Charles Womack

The District’s eponymous burger, with two hand-formed patties, separates the men from the boys. (photo by Charles Womack)

I´d heard lots of good things about the District Roof Top Bar & Grille, and was especially excited to see the “Roof Top” opportunity that was now available for the first time in downtown Winston-Salem.

A business meeting priovided me a great opportunity to give the place a shot, and also to knock out a story for the paper.

We walked through the beautiful new patio area, which was filling up fast for lunch, and opted to dine inside as I had not brought a jacket and was still getting over a nasty cold.

Once seated, we chatted a bit and each admired the wooden décor of the recently opened establishment.

“This is a nice place,”said Ashby Cook, my guest. “Have you been here before?” “This is my first time,” I replied. “I’ve heard great things.” Recently, I had had the opportunity to meet Executive Chef Jared Keiper at Ziggy’s and he filled me in on his menu and all the exciting things he had in store for his new kitchen.

Keiper informed me that District offered upscale, casual Southern cooking with a contemporary twist.

The menu Keiper has put together is impressive and offers wide array of items sure to satisfy everyone.

The lunch menu has more than 40 items that range from half-pound certified Angus beef hamburgers, ribs, quesadillas, spring rolls, sweetand-sour sticky shrimp, fish tacos, four kinds of personal pizzas, salads, soups and wraps. The sandwich board includes 12 sandwiches such as fried shrimp po’ boy, the meatball and others with names like the “Camel City Dip,” “Cloak and Dagger” and “Jolly Roger.” The Top Shelf Grilled Cheese includes Gouda and Muenster chesses grilled between buttered brioche. Order it “Brooklyn” style with thick cut bacon and sliced tomato for an extra buck fifty.

There are also three special burgers including a turkey slider, a black bean burger for the vegetarians and the soon-to-be-famous District Burger.

The District Burger, which I had to order, is two half-pound (at least), hand-formed patties, cheddar cheese, thick-cut bacon, lettuce, tomato, sliced red onion and chipotle mayo. It’s a massive, messy feast.

The burgers were cooked to order and served on what seemed to be a soft pretzel roll. The roll was delicious. It came open-faced, and I put the lettuce and tomatoe on top. An associate who had ordered the same thing was looking at our sandwiches in disbelief and kept saying, “How are you supposed to eat this?” and how glad he was that there were no girls watching.

I had both the burgers stacked and used a smashing method, which made the mile-high sandwich a perfect match for my outstretched mouth.

I would take a bite and look at this marvelous creation in my hands and stare in awe at thebig patties of perfectly cooked and seasoned Angus Beef and ask how it was gonna fit in my belly. Several times I turned it towards my companions and gave a look of, “Can you believe this thing I’m eating?” In between bites of the burger, I juggled in a few handfuls of the hand-cut fries came alongside it.

On the dinner menu there are several exclusive items such as chicken and waffles, Mama’s Moravian Chicken Pie, bleu-cheese-crusted NY strip and blackend grouper. There is also lobster ravioli featured in the pasta category.

They even have a baseball cut of sirloin, eight ounces cut from the short loin. I wonder if they can make a huge sandwich out of it.

wanna go?

The District Roof Top Bar & Grille 770 Liberty View Court Winston-Salem